Online Settings page in Firefox

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Online Settings page in Firefox

Postby sema » Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:14 am

Hi Nikolay,

I got complains from your user abhunkin, that he is experiencing problems using the Online Settings page in Firefox with Web-MIDI-API extension ... -midi-api/
I am the developer of the extension, but unfortunately, I don't have the MC-8 device to debug the issue.
I would be really grateful if I could get more insights from you of what is going wrong.

PS: please consider using the JZZ library for your online tools - It works in most browsers.

Thank you,
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Re: Online Settings page in Firefox

Postby abhunkin » Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:41 pm

Nikolay -

To clarify somewhat Sema's post:

For purposes of the article I've just written, I am trying to see if the MC-8's Online Editor can also work with Firefox. So far, I've been largely unsuccessful. (It works fine for me in Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi.) Perhaps it is not currently possible.

I've tried with all possible combinations of Sema's tools: his Web MIDI API extension for Firefox, his Jazz-MIDI extension, and Jazz-Plugin. The combination of all three comes closest to working; it begins communicating well, but then gets confused and breaks down, leaving the MC-8 completely unreadable in MIDIOx.

I realize that you do not claim that the Editor will work with Firefox. I was just checking out all possibilities. Can you confirm that either some combination of the above *should* work, or that it shouldn't and will not? I'm OK either way.

Thanks -

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