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nakedboards is a project aimed at creating a range of products that expand the possibilities of performing electronic music.
It was founded in 2011 by a musician Nikolay Ershov (kolyazna).

Hi! it's me
For all questions, please contact info@nakedboards.org
we stay in touch and always happy to answer any of your questions.
who is nakedboards?
For a very long time nakedboards was basically one person - our founder and engineer Nikolay Ershov. Now we are a team of people with shared values and purposes. 
how did nakedboards start?
N: being a student I got very involved in techno music. At first, couple of friends and I started making techno events in our hometown bringing good techno musicians to our local scene. After a while I myself started to write and play. I was searching for an interface device and they all looked very wrong to my eye - the design, the level of usability and most of all the mass-production character of the business strategy. I felt that musical instrument was turned into a product of mass consumption. I did not like that. 
that is when you got the idea of making your own device?
N: Yes. I decided I will make a practical, easy-to-use and simple in design device. Just plug and play! I didn’t plan to sell anything at that time. I think I was very much unsatisfied with what I saw on a market and was self-assured enough to believe I could do better.
we pay great attention to quality down to the smallest details.
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