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An important word about current events...

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing events! We continue to live and work in Russia because we believe that leaving would mean surrendering everything good there is about Russian culture and people. We are very much disappointed and distressed by what is happening. We stay and do our work because we believe that art and music is what connects us all on a truly peaceful basis! And that is what we need badly today!
Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do
How long does the delivery take?
We ship in 3-7 days. The delivery to the EU, the USA and the UK usually takes around 10-12 days.
Do I need to install any driver for MIDI-Controllers?
Our controllers does not require any driver. Just plug and play.

The online-settings do not work
Use Chrome for the settings. Make sure that you use the correct version of the settings.
How can I use the settings offline?
You can save the settings page to your computer and use it offline.
Are the MIDI-Controllers compatible with Ableton Live and logic Pro?
Can the MIDI-controllers be run stand-alone?
Yes, you can use USB charger for power.
1 year warranty
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Online support
Shipping worldwide
Online support
Shipping worldwide
We send your parcel by post.
PayPal,Visa, Mastercard
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Online support
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1 year warranty
We grant 1 year warranty for all our devices.